Recently my son had to change school. Yet again. Besides the hassle, a nice solution could be found and he really seems to enjoy his new class. It is only part-time but at least he is not fully excluded. The school staff was heartily welcoming and the headmaster sent a message to the parents of his school mates to announce a new friend. The message was nice and certainly well-intentioned. One sentence, though, caught my attention:

Dimir, who suffers from autism, …

Autism is the daily reality of our son and there is no denying a good deal of suffering is involved. But mostly he doesn’t that much suffer from autism than from what is imposed on him as a result of being autistic in a world that does not want to adapt even a little bit. He suffers from the lack of professional staff in schools. From the lack of sensory friendly activities and places in everyday life and 1001 obstacles on his way to, well just a happy life.

He does not suffer from autism. He suffers from the invisible veil behind which he is supposed to remain cloaked because he is different.